Turn-key traffic counting solutions

Discover traffic insights with smart counting solutions and adapt your city infrastructure to empower its residents or monitor and manage visitors in your national park.

Data-Driven Planning Sustainable Mobility Informed Decision-Making Data-Driven Planning Sustainable Mobility Informed Decision-Making Data-Driven Planning Sustainable Mobility Informed Decision-Making

Improve your planning with our smart counting solutions

With over two decades of experience in traffic safety and monitoring solutions, we have developed three cutting-edge counters tailored to meet the unique requirements of various environments in which they are used.

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Our products

We developed a group of traffic counters and rounded them up under the new Countmatic brand. All counters are compatible with our Traffistat Web application for analytics and management.

Select your turn-key counting and data analysis solution

Countmatic Trail

Easy to install, robust and lightweight pedestrian counter with with iternal battery.

Countmatic Velo

Newest multifunctional cyclist communicator, designed to collect data and promote cycling.

Countmatic Via

Advanced radar based vehicle counter with classification and speed measurement.

Why Traffic Counting Matters?

Counting is crucial infrastructure planning

It provides insights for optimizing traffic flow, promoting sustainable transportation, and guiding infrastructure investments. By leveraging data-driven insights, cities can create efficient, sustainable, and people-centric environments.
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Our Streamlined Process from Data Collection to Insightful analysis

Experience the seamless transformation of complexity into clarity with our traffic management workflow, where we streamline the process from data collection to insightful analysis, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness every step of the way.

Project Consultation

We collaborate closely with you to understand your specific needs, objectives, and challenges, ensuring a tailored solution aligned with your goals.

Advanced counting systems

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we deploy advanced counting systems for accurate and reliable data collection across various traffic parameters.

Data Transmission & Logging

Our automated systems facilitate seamless transmission and logging of collected data, ensuring real-time access and maintaining data integrity.

Data Analysis & Insight

Leveraging advanced analytics tools, we interpret collected data to uncover valuable insights and trends, empowering strategic decision-making.

Support & Personalized assistance

We provide comprehensive support and data services, including maintenance, troubleshooting, and personalized assistance to maximize project success.

Take the First Step Towards Data-Driven Insights

Embrace the power of Countmatic and unlock valuable traffic data. Contact us now to start your journey towards smarter decision-making.

See our products in the real world

Countmatic Velo


Countmatic Via


Countmatic Velo


Countmatic Trail


Client testimonials

We received positive feedback from citizens regarding the newly installed Velo counters. Based on the data obtained, the municipality will monitor cycling trends and plan infrastructure for the future. In 2024, we will install at least two additional counters.
Mateja Zorrati
Municipality of Nova Gorica
In partnership with Intermatic, we installed the first cyclist counter on Parenzana, a 123 km route spanning Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia. We are highly satisfied with the cooperation and implementation, especially the professionalism and responsiveness of Mr.Sašo Živkovič.
Irena Cergol
Regional development center Koper
For optimal management of Triglav National Park we established systematic monitoring of visitors using Countmatic hikers and cyclists counters. Their expertise in knowledge, innovation, and reliability has been invaluable in this endeavor, as well as their customer support.
Majda Odar
Triglav National Park
Intermatic's traffic counters provide us with real-time traffic data, offering user-friendly, dependable, and cost-effective traffic counting solution. The statistical data collected from their counters helps us with organizing and optimizing our road infrastructure more effectively.
Aleš Koželj
Municipality of Jesenice

Traffistat Web App

Remote access to devices

We facilitate remote access to devices, enabling seamless monitoring and management from any location with internet connectivity.

Multiple devices integration

Our system supports the integration of multiple devices, allowing for comprehensive data collection and analysis across various traffic parameters.

Real time insight

Gain real-time insight into traffic patterns and trends, empowering proactive decision-making and immediate response to dynamic traffic conditions.